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Through tales of love, courage, hope, and humility, readers of The Greatest Burden The Greatest Blessing will gain insight and inspiration from this unique collection of personal caregiving stories.


  • Discover the often-unseen power, beauty, and blessings of caring for a loved one

  • Find comfort and hope in shared experiences

  • Recognize and appreciate that you are not alone in this journey

  • Transform your view on caregiving and its lasting impact


The book is also available on Amazon and online through your preferred retailer. 

Books by the co-Authors

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Ten Days With Dad

Mark J. Resnick's award-winning debut book, Ten Days With Dad, was published in March 2022. The book is an exploration of grief, memory, and identity during the darkest days of his dad's Alzheimer's and COVID-19. His personal and heartfelt narrative will make you smile, laugh, and cry—and will motivate you to begin your own personal transformation. 

Ten Days with Dad - Ebook Cover - 12-7.jpg
Image by Sapan Patel

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