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honor and privilege

Updated: Feb 11

I describe myself as an author, speaker, and entrepreneur. And I am. I know I can write well. I service my promotional branding customers up to or beyond my customers' expectations. That's because I have put the hours in. I'm not sure whether it's the quotable 10,000 hours, but I've been writing and servicing customers a lot longer than speaking in front of groups. 

You know when people say, "It's an honor and privilege to be here today?" I get it now. It was such an honor to speak to more than 80 student leaders on the Fairfield University campus yesterday. I'm grateful to Aliyah Seenauth and her team for allowing me to speak to the Fairfield University Student Association

The talk, "Pursuing Your Passions & Have Your Best Year Ever," seemed to resonate with most attendees. I was just thrilled that I only started to tear up once!

After the talk, students lined up to receive their signed copies of my first book, Ten Days With Dad, and to share feedback and personal experiences relating to the Ten Commandments of Living, Caregiving, Alzheimer's, Daily Vitamins, Rez's Rules, gratitude, and Forgiveness. Oh, and seeing the Northern Lights in Iceland is something I am about to do with my son, Campbell. 

Public speaking used to terrify me. Not so much anymore, at least not enough to stop me from pursuing one of my passions: speaking to young adults about this critical topic, and helping them have their best year ever--year after year after year. I have some work to do. Hours and hours of preparation and practice to round out my various presentations.

The mindset shift on speaking began during my dad's Alzheimer's journey. During the darkest days of caring for my dad, he was probably thinking to himself, "There's something wrong with me but I don't know what it is." On the flip side, I said, "There's something right with me, I just don't know what it is."

The days, weeks, months, and years during Dad's Alzheimer's were brutal, gut-wrenching, and awful. And, yet, I was I was experiencing a personal transformation unlike any other in my life. I had help. Lots of it. Only these individuals had no idea. Jesse Itzler was one of them. 

His keynote in Dallas Ft Worth at the Advertising Specialty Institute show in February 2020 changed my life. His enthusiasm, passion, and talk about building our life's resume resonated precisely when I needed it most. He also gave me the courage to pursue speaking once my books were published.

Jesse was one of several instrumental people who aided in my transformation. He was helping me realize how caring for my dad was such a blessing. And why so much of my life at the time was right despite the darkness I faced in dealing with Alzheimer's.

Speaking of work to do and putting in the hours, if you'd like to have me speak to your team at your conference, workshop, or event, whether to young adults or not, you can reach me at I speak on Purpose, Passion, Loving Your Life and Who You Are, Caregiving, Writing Your Story, Have Your Best Year, ADHD Superpower, Grow Your Sales, and other topics. Each one is personalized to your team, event, or purpose and lasts between 45 minutes and 90 minutes.

The honor and privilege would be, I'm confident, all mine.

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